Update AVG 2011 Offline Terbaru Gratis Free Download Edition

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     Offline Update 2011 Latest AVG Free Free Download Edition. Some time ago when AVG 2011 AVG has not been released and its loyal users using AVG 9.0 I wrote an article about how to update avg 9.0 offline that I practice proved successful.

      On this occasion I wanted to share how to update avg 2011 offline. It turns out how to update offline easier than avg 2011 avg 9.0 update offline. Why is that? Because AVG has provided a special page containing the update avg 9.0 offline, so you do not bother to borrow the computer should be like when going to diisntal avg update avg 9.0 offline.

How to Update AVG 2011 Offline:
1. First you go to this page: http://www.avg.com/id-en/download-update

2. You download the file at the top / see picture below:

update avg 2011 offline

     Click on the link labeled 1avi: 3322 (this paper will change at a time when the future) you are essentially looking for an update that had the description "virus definitions" file is 66 Mb big enough. Tip: Use Internet Download Manager let cepet download aja.

3. After a successful 2011 avg update file you download, save the file into a folder, whatever you want to give what the folder name and it is up also want to put where. The next step is the update, open the AVG user interface 2011:
click Tools Update from directory then select where you put the update file avg 2011, you've just downloaded CLICK OK biarka AVG update process was berlangsug Wait until finish
Good luck AVG Offline Update 2011:


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